About Us

Hi I’m Mark.

I painted my first miniature in 2009. I was playing the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures game. I had seen others on social media that had done conversions and repaints. It got me interested so I tried to repaint one of my common figures. It was pretty bad. I had used thick paint right out of a tube that I found in my basement.

I practiced a lot.

When I started playing Warmachine couple of years later I had learned about better paint, some actual techniques, and practiced a lot. My miniatures looked a lot better.

I practiced a lot.

Over the years I have learned a lot about painting and have gotten a lot better. I am just a regular guy that is trying to get better at my hobby. I learn the most when I am teaching others so I have made this site to help me while I help others. But mostly I learned that I get better when I practice.

My past and current armies

Warmachine: I used to have a Cygnar army. I played during Mk2, I was really drawn to the lightning theme on Cygnar. Yes I ran Nemo in all three versions because of the lightning. Luckily he was also fun to play.

Age of Sigmar: I run a death army that is mostly Nighthaunts. I really like the aesthetic of the death armies. Lots of fun to play too.

Warhammer 40K: I have a small Blood Angels army. I was talking about starting to play 40k and my awesome wife went out and bought me a getting started blood angels box. I have added a little bit to that box but I am growing the army slowly.

Star Wars Legion: I mostly run Rebels but now that the clone wars are out I want to get a CIS army. Roger Roger.